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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Just Fi-block

Simple- compressed forage in a 1kg block.

Natural boredom breaker and feed all rolled into one feed block. Fi-block is made by compressing forage that is full of fibre and goodness into a compact block, no added sugars, molasses or additives, simply natural forage. Feeding Fi-blocks emulates a horses natural instinct to graze, whilst keeping a stabled horse entertained for longer.

Horses bite and chew on Fi-blocks which is great for helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Alternatively Fi-blocks make a hydrating moist chop when soaked in a bucket filled with approx. 4 litres of water, a convenient feed especially if travelling or on holiday with your horse.

Fi-block is available in Alfablend or Meadowblend. For more information please contact our feed advice team on 01335 310061 or email

  • no additives or molasses
  • compact easy to handle 1kg blocks
  • high fibre
  • low in natural sugars
  • encourages healthy teeth and gums
  • boredom breaker
  • can be used as a partial forage replacer
  • hydrating chop feed when soaked

Click here to view Just Fi-block Alfablend

Click here to view Just Fi-block Meadowblend


Just Chop

  • High fibre
  • Low in natural sugars
  • No additives
  • No molasses
  • Low calorie
  • Non heating
  • Suitable for laminitics/ EMS/ cushings
  • Suitable for good doers

A wholesome natural blend of premium quality meadow hay and oat straw that is high in fibre and low in natural sugars (approximately half of the natural sugars found in average hay). A perfect hay replacer for those requiring minimal sugar/ calorie intake, without the added effort of having to soak endless haynets!

Just Chop can also be used to bulk up other feeds, adding fibre without any extra ‘fizz’. Please call a member of our feed advice team for further information 01335 310061

Testimonial 1

“Just Chop is so convenient to use, no soaking hay so it’s quick and easy to use. Fed in a bucket as nature intended so better for the neck and back muscles. Whisky loves it! Since he has been on ‘Just Chop’ his coat is healthy and shiny and it is keeping him healthy and his weight under control.” – Della, Leicester

just feeds

A Natural Choice for Croft End

Croft End Equestrian Centre in Oldham is a British Horse Society (BHS) approved riding school, livery yard and training centre. Home to more than sixty horses and ponies, the Centre is a beacon of excellence in training and horse welfare. As a result, it has grown to its current size in less than fifteen years.

The BHS is so impressed by the work it does, they use the Centre as a location to showcase their high standards in their corporate video.

The Centre is run by Pat Shepherd and her sister Carol, who attribute their success to attention to detail and the delivery of the highest possible standards in all aspects of the business, including what they feed their horses and ponies of all ages and sizes.

All residents are in medium to hard work and are turned out daily; their feeding regime is therefore crucial in order to optimise their health and wellbeing. Diet is a critically important ingredient for the overall success of the business.

Just Chop is fed to each horse and pony, regardless of age or size twice a day, every day, all year round. Pat explains why Just Chop is Croft End’s first choice.

“We give all of our horses and ponies, whether in livery or at work in the school, the same high standards of care. We know that happy, healthy horses enjoy the work that they do.”

“We feed all of our horses and ponies Just Chop for a number of important reasons.”

“Firstly, the feed itself most closely resembles a horse’s natural diet; it is therefore a completely natural choice for us. Added ingredients such as molasses or other kinds of sugars can make them sharp, something we are obviously keen to avoid.”

“We also like the fact that it takes them longer to eat and therefore aids the digestion process and keeps them occupied in their stalls for longer. By the time we turn them out, they are less greedy and more satisfied which means they don’t tend to bolt the grass.

“In a nutshell, it leaves them feeling nice and full without feeling fizzy!”

“The results speak for themselves; we have given every horse and pony on our yard Just Chop every day for just over a year now and have had no problems with it whatsoever; in fact they are all thriving on it!”

“We know that if we look after our horses properly, they will look after us for a long time to come. Just Chop definitely helps us to achieve this goal.”