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About Us

Just Feeds originated after our 13hh Irish Sports pony ‘Rusty’ developed laminitis. We were well aware of the feed options available as we used to sell horse feed, but we struggled to find a high fibre feed that didn’t have any molasses added, often feeds advertised as safe for laminitic sufferers were molassed.

We wanted to feed Rusty with a high fibre diet but with little natural sugars to aid his recovery, and maintain a diet that would help to minimise the chance that his laminitis would re-occur, and so we made our own! Hence ‘Just Chop’ was created using meadow hay and oat straw, simply dust extracted without anything added. Rusty could now graze happily throughout the day on a high fibre, low calorie and low in natural sugars chop without being restricted to bare paddocks or being stabled for long periods of time.

After seeing Rusty bloom on ‘Just Chop’, we were inspired to create a range of feeds that are high in fibre with absolutely NO MOLASSES and NO ADDITIVES whatsoever. This was the beginning of ‘Just Feeds’. Please contact us on 01335 310061 for further information about our products.

justfeeds - simple, natural, nutritious feeds for horses and ponies