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Testimonial 2

“We give all of our horses and ponies, whether in livery or at work in the school, the same high standards of care. We know that happy, healthy horses enjoy the work that they do.”

“We feed all of our horses and ponies Just Chop for a number of important reasons.”

“Firstly, the feed itself most closely resembles a horse’s natural diet; it is therefore a completely natural choice for us. Added ingredients such as molasses or other kinds of sugars can make them sharp, something we are obviously keen to avoid.”

“We also like the fact that it takes them longer to eat and therefore aids the digestion process and keeps them occupied in their stalls for longer. By the time we turn them out, they are less greedy and more satisfied which means they don’t tend to bolt the grass.

“In a nutshell, it leaves them feeling nice and full without feeling fizzy!”

“The results speak for themselves; we have given every horse and pony on our yard Just Chop every day for just over a year now and have had no problems with it whatsoever; in fact they are all thriving on it!”

“We know that if we look after our horses properly, they will look after us for a long time to come. Just Chop definitely helps us to achieve this goal.”